Protein Losing Nephropathy

 Protein Loss Nephropathy [PLN] is a Kidney disorder which causes proteins and blood plasm to be secreted by the kidneys, this causes a lack of proteins in the body. In time this lack of proteins can cause the metabollic system to malfunction or shut down entirely, this procces can cause fluids to amass in the abdominal and chest cavity's and  eventually cause death. PLN usually reveals itself in the age of 2 to 6 years, but research has shown that there is no definitive age at wich the disease can start.

PLN can have many different (external) causes, like infections, allergies or immune system related disorders and of course genetic mutations. Due to the wide range of potential causes of PLN it is often difficult to trace whether this was caused by external factors (see above) genetic malfunctions or a combination of both.

Diagnosing the disease can be difficult, firstly many veterenarians do not recognise PLN as such because its symptoms share a lot of similarities with other more common diseases such as diabetes and other kidneyrelated illnesses. It's known that in America and the Scandinavian are cases of death caused by PLN.

 At this moment there are genetic DNA tests available for PLN which can help detect the disorder in the genes. The test can give the following results:


1. Homozygote Normal 0-0, this dog is free from genetic mutation, but this is no guarantee the dog will not develop PLN ,but the change is smaller;
2. Heterozygote 0-1, this dog is a carrier of the genetic mutation, and will have slightly higher chance of developing PLN;
3. Homozygote 1-1, this dog is positive and has 2 genemutations, this means the dog has the highest chance of developing PLN, but this is not guaranteed.


 These PLN test results are meant to give breeders more info about the risk of genetic mutations in breeding, because these mutations are proven to be inherited.
In this way it is possible to prevent PLN 1-1 for Wheatens in the near future, and keep the breed free of PLN.


We think DNA tests are important so we can monitor the outcome of these tests.

That is why we made the following agreements:

When a breeder wants to use a dog or bitch for breeding, he or she has to test the dog for PLN, unless the used mate is tested free for PLN

The result of the test has to be published.