MH Maligne Hyperthermia


Maligne Hyperthermia (MH), can be translated as evil overheating, it is a hereditary dissease , seen by  all rasses it can result in death. It is not to be confused with overheating in for instance a car.

This dissease is caused  by a fault in the calcium metabolism. Calcium plays an important part in the proces of muscle contractions. Dogs who suffer from this disease have a to high level of calcium wich leads to musclecontractions wich causes them to overheat.

This overheating can become when not threated result in a life threatening situation while it can damage vital organs.

This dissease is most likely to manifest when given gasanasthetics, extreme effort, training and stress.

The disseasecan be  diagnosed  thru DNA testing.

Dogs who suffer from this dissease can not be cured. So it is important to avoid all triggers and risk situations. The treatment in case of a attack:  Reduction of muscle tension,, IV, cooling down and extra oxygen . In spite of all efforts  this dissease  can result in the death of the dog.

Breeding policy
To stop spreading the dissease it is vital only to breed with at least one free dog.