What do we stand for?

 We strive to breed  healthy Wheatens with a healthy future. To achieve this goal: we constructed  a breeders convenant, with the support of various breeders and owners.

The breeders convenant is meant to supplement the already exisiting guidelines and aims to encourage testing to  improve the long- term health of Wheatens.


We are a group and not a club when you support our goals feel free to join or support us.

The breeders convenant is focussing on the following points:

1. Lowering the inbred coeffciency;

 2. Limitting the amount of matings per stud dog;

3. Doing supplementary DNA-testing and publishing the results;

4. Making tesing for HD [hip dyplasia] mandatory;

5. The collecting  of health-related data;

6. Behaviour and temper

More information about the aforementioned points can be found in the menu to the left.